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102. The first day

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Добавлено: 01.11.2010, 02:36 Добавил: Narell
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2   (16.09.2014 15:27)
Ссылка к выпуску 102 (eng) не работает.
Ответ: Перезалито

1 Орфелия  (28.05.2011 01:54)
The previous issue was a school issue, where everyone returned to Sheffield Institute after the summer holidays...
Well, almost everyone ... Cornelia found herself at Duvall College!

But by using magic, a little too much if you ask Kandor, she managed to get out of there and convince her dad that it wasn't such a good idea after all! I wonder why Irma didn't use magic to solve her problem?

The other girls also managed to make the first day more complicated than needed. Worrying about knowledge and appearance is common when you're nervous ...

But in this next issue, we will get an example of what can happen when things get out of hand ...


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