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101. A rising star

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Добавлено: 01.11.2010, 02:32 Добавил: Narell
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Сезон: 9.100% Witch

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2   (16.09.2014 15:25)
Ссылка к выпуску 101 (eng) не работает.
Ответ: Перезалито

1 Орфелия  (28.05.2011 01:54)
The girls plan a special night at the beach for the meteor shower Perseides, but a mysterious light catches their attention. It's not a meteor, but a small shining star that once belonged to someone magical. With some help from Kandor, they manage to track down the previous owner who gave up magic because she lost her faith in love. The story ends with a fun but interesting twist... Now, summer is over, and it's time for...


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