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93.From a place far away

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Добавлено: 18.01.2010, 04:08 Добавил: Narell
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Сезон: 8. Teach 2b Witch

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2   (23.02.2010 20:38)
Hay Lin's parents are troubled. Not only because Joan's father wants her to divorce Chen in exchange for her share of the family's wealth, but also because they never talk about their relationship problems.
Meanwhile, Liam has his eyes on William, while not knowing Matt has his eyes on him. And while Hay Lin visits her grandfather and shares her story with the other girls, the main story ends with a great cliff-hanger as Takeda captures Matt in a block of ice. (истинная содержание 93 главы).

1   (20.02.2010 20:59)
Liam suddenly shows up again! He visits Hay Lin before he kidnaps William and she's therefore able to track him to Takeshita Inc. As expected, Will shows no fear as the girls march right into coldness' portal. Shinobu finally confronts her father and after injecting herself with the special liquid, she accidentally gives him the same fate as he gave Matt! Now she's got no choice but to follow WITCH into the fast world...


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